Toyo Glass Machinery gives consideration to global environment.

Environmental Policy

As a group member of Toyo Seikan, Toyo Glass Machinery sees the importance of the reservation and the improvement of the global environment. It steps forward positively through daily activities with environment-friendly company in mind.

<Action Guideline to environmental preservation>

  1. It is our commitment that the Toyo Glass Machinery keeps strictly observance of environmental related regulations and promises.
  2. To set the environmental target and review regularly for trying to continual improvement.
  3. We will promote a thorough reduction of unnecessary parts of the power energy we use.
  4. It aims to reduce waste and conserve resources, and work to improve the environment.
  5. And strive to suppression of chemical usage to assist you in this process, we will endeavor to protect the environment.
  6. I will endeavor to further promote green purchasing of commercial products and office supplies.
  7. We will actively promote the production of product design and environmentally friendly.
  8. To notify the Action agenda to all employees and workers at Toyo Glass Machinery to make them sure follow the environment action.

June 25 2013
Tadashi Gomibuchi

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