Toyo Glass Machinery is committed to the improvement of customer satisfaction through the supply of our reliable and economical products.

TGM obtained ISO 9001 certification.


Systematically improve the quality of our products, and operate effectively, in order to further ensuring customer confidence, establish a solid foundation for our company also committed to the Quality Management System, in December 2010, obtained the International Standard for Quality Management "ISO 9001" certification.

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Quality Policy

Toyo Glass Machinery was founded in 1959 with glass bottle manufacturer as the main customer. Since then, we have expanded our target to customers who handle containers of various materials such as glass, metal, plastic and PET, and have been expanding sales of products. Since many of our customers have delivered products to manufacturers such as foods and medical supplies, the quality demanded for our company is also very high, and we are constantly working to improve quality in order to satisfy the quality demanded It is working. We will continue to improve the quality, cost and delivery time and strive to supply products that customers can use with confidence.

<Action Guideline>

  1. We strive to improve our customer's satisfaction with the efforts to realize its proper understanding our customer's quality requirements.
  2. We comply definitely with clarifying the product requirements and the relevant legal requirements.
  3. We strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.
  4. We determine the quality objectives and periodically review the configuration.

April 1 2017
Tadashi Gomibuchi

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ISO9001 Management System Certificate,Appendix

ISO9001 ManagementSystem Certificate ISO9001 Appendix

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