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Image Processing

Sensor solution, Container externals inspection machine on production line

Sensor Solution

Can Toyo Glass Machinery supply any type of inspection machinery where there is a needs?

Toyo Glass Machinery's
Sensor Solution

Noncontact and the nondestructive testing technology are no longer a special technologies. It becomes a standard that the inspection with image analysis technology is more common way of the inspection.
We, TGM has been compiling the skilled technology in this field with a lot of expertise, will be serving the industry with best solution.

To better operation, the sensor and the signal processor should generate the signal matching to the inspection object. TGM is able to respond to the needs through long established technologies developed through various inspection equipment. If you have something in mind to have it inspected, please let us have your items. We will be able to propose the most appropriate solution. Since our past experiences with the electric control technology combined with the machine design technology is able to develop the most suitable inspection machinery to the customer needs.

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Container externals inspection machine on production line

We will introduce a space-saving and the labor saving on production line inspection machinery for the container external.

Toyo Glass Machinery will design and manufacture the inspection machinery that is able to detect scratch, foreign particles, dirtiness, check, broken, bubble/seeds, according to the customer requirement.

Inspection object Plastic bottle
Glass container
Paper container
Metal vessel
Inspection method Optical:penetration, refraction, polarized
Image processing: Area Camera, Line Camera, available customized
Handring Continual container transportation on conveyer (not rotation)
Available rotating inspection with index type machinery
Inspection Foreign particles, ribbon tear, dirtiness, crack, check and bubble
●Sample detection the foreign object


The example of main structure of the inspection configuration.
Available different type of faulty inspection on request.

I will receive the consultation of the inspection correspondences other than the above-mentioned topics.

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