ETC Equipments

Grip Type Bottle Cleaner, Pallet Sorting Device,  Bottle Caser & Uncaser, Bottle Inverter


 Grip Type Bottle Cleaner

Empty glass bottles are gripped and air blows in while the bottles are being inverted.

・Simple job change
・Easy installation

 Pallet Sorting Device

Wooden or plastic pallets are checked visually for soiling or damage. The palettes are automatically transported to the visual inspection station and sorted out into two magazines.


 Bottle Caser & Uncaser

They are automated packaging equipment which can be designed and developed according to your requirements: Caser for packing bottles into carton boxes & Uncaser for taking bottles out of carton boxes.

 Bottle Inverter

It is designed for the process where glass bottles, plastic bottles or cans have to be cleaned. They are cleanzed inside by air blow or with water while they are being inverted on the inverter.