Inspection Equipments

MFe Machine, AMR Machine, TCI-154 Inspection Machine, BIT Inspection Machine, Plunger Measurement System 


MFe Machine (Multi Functional Eyes Machine)

It is an inspection machine integrating various detectors at 12 stations, inspecting 300 bottles per minute.


AMR Machine (Accuracy Measurement Room)

This device automatically measures the dimensions of each part of the glass bottle and outputs the measurement result data to your host computer. Each inspection station can be assigned different measurement items for each station, and the measurement operation set in the parameter is performed.


TCI-154 Inspection Machine (Toyo Check Inspector)

It inspects the checks on round and non-round bottles. Detectors of body diameter and line-over-finish can be mounted as options. Speed: 130 bpm


BIT Inspection Machine (Bottom Impact Tester)

All bottles are inspected for strength through the impact given to the inner bottom. Speed: 250 bottles per minute.



Plunger Measurement System (PMS-230)

Automated Plunger Measuring Instrument (PMS-230) Developed for measuring the plunger dimension used for the glass bottle forming. Process and enabled automated measurement with high precision in a short time.

It automatically starts measureing NNPB Plungers according to the preliminary input data. Good/Bad is indicated on the touch screen. Output data can be saved with Computer by means of memory(SD) card.